User Comments

Here are some of the comments we've received via e-mail from users of Network of Care. (All comments were included with the authors' permission.)

"Thank you for this great site. I have been scouring the Net for information for my elderly mother. You've done a great job!" Ana O., San Diego County, Calif.

"I do not think I could find the words to express my gratitude for this resource. ... I am a disabled elderly female who is a mental health 'survivor,' domestic violence survivor, Loma Prieta (PTSD) survivor, struggling to simply live and live simply. ... Just last Monday, I was told by my landlord that he wants me to move from my home of the last 11 years and I am feeling totally devastated and anxiety-ridden about what assistance may be 'out there' for me. I didn't know where to turn. So this morning, I had planned to go to our Board of Supervisors meeting to speak but was too ill. However, when this Santa Cruz Network of Care website was shown to the council members, I felt there was still 'hope.' Thank you, thank you, thank you from myself and I know from many others who will find this is truly a 'lifeline to hope.'" Barbara McCready-Conner, Santa Cruz County, Calif.

"The site looks great! And we are very pleased to be listed in the Service Directory." Bob Joondeph, Multnomah County, Ore.

"Saw your site mentioned in the (San Jose) Mercury News. Great job; very comprehensive, and easy to navigate." Bud Everts, Los Gatos, Calif.

"South Carolina has very little care for the mentally ill ... I'm a Family to Family Teacher and also a Guardian ad Litem in the local court system, so I see it all. Families are desperate for information here, and we have excellent medical facilities. Your website with its many faceted information subjects is exactly what is needed in an area with far too little information available. Thank you for helping educate this State." Caroline Forsyth Elischer, Greenville, S.C.

"Thank you for adding (our) links. We are delighted to be able to support the wonderful service you are providing for individuals with mental illnesses and their families in your local community. I wish you continuing success in your efforts." Cecile Douglas, Rockville, Md.

"As a nurse care manager, I have spent some time on your site researching some information for one of my clients. I found all the info that I needed and wanted to compliment your site's excellent content and nice organization." Clare, Kitty Hawk, N.C.

"Just letting you guys know that you should be proud of the job you've done with this Web site. It's user-friendly, easy to navigate, and most importantly, informative." CW2 Mike Hagerman, Milton-Freewater, Ore.

"Thanks for providing this great service." D.H., Eugene, OR

"Wow!!! This looks great! What an accomplishment, and I am sure folks are happy. I love how simple the language is and how easy it is to navigate and to look at. Great job!" D.W., Orinda, Calif.

"Thank you, and what a great service." David Burke, Court/Community Liaison, Sutter County, Calif.

"As an information and referral specialist, I have found your website very helpful and accessible in finding resources for the disabled." Deana Nightingale, Sacramento, Calif.

"Was just viewing the Library article, 'What Are Regional Centers?' Good information with the listing of each regional center. ... THIS IS A WONDERFUL SERVICE FOR THE FAMILIES IN KINGS COUNTY. THANK YOU!!!" Debbie Gibson, Hanford, Calif.

"Thank you tremendously for creating this website - options and services available locally - a program well worthwhile - best use of our tax dollars - don't let them ever cut this program!" Deborah Snider, Plymouth, Calif.

"I was AMAZED at the number of categories you have in the resource area! This is a WONDERFUL resource for those of us in Sacramento County!!!" Debra N., Citrus Heights, Calif.

"This site is a very laudable idea. I look forward to the day it will include every state and county in the country. It represents a common forum for sharing authentic, practical and useful information between consumers, providers, government and the private sector. Please keep making it bigger and better!!!" Dr. Samson Omotosho, Director of Optimum Health Systems Inc., Baltimore, Md.

"I just stumbled on this site by accident when I was looking for a counselor for one of my families. I didn't know it existed, but am happy to have found it. Thanks for all the work that went into creating the site." Elise H. Horowitz, Social Worker, Chesterfield/Colonial Heights (Va.) Department of Social Services

"Just got to the site for the first time today. Thank you for listing ONE Freedom as a provider. I have made some updates and added some key info. I reviewed the site and was very impressed with the work this has involved. It's been a long time coming and I believe it is going to be a valuable asset to Colorado Springs veterans and families! Congratulations!" Elizabeth Hawkins Robinson, Executive Director, ONE Freedom Inc., Colorado Springs, Colo.

"Has everyone tried the emergency card opportunity in My Folder? All you have to do is click on Emergency Card, fill out the the form that pops up, and then click Submit. In less than 5 days you will receive, in the mail, a laminated medical card--free of charge! Every consumer should have one! Isn't NOC the greatest thing to come along in a very long time?! Thanks, Dorn, and all who made it possible!" Ellie Widmer, CRS, Springfield (Mo.) Regional Center

"The depth and navigability of this web site is amazing. Hopefully it will be replicated in many other locations. I wish my father's county had something like this in Boca Raton, Florida. ... Congratulations on an outstanding online resource!" Elliot Margolies, Palo Alto, Calif.

"Thank you for your website. I am an automotive technology teacher who is blind and would like to recommend a 'talking' tire gauge from Sears and Radio Shack that can be purchased in-store at a reasonable price. This item can now be added to your automotive tools section. Thanks again for your valuable website." Frank Lopez, Sacramento County (Calif.) Office of Education

"I have used the Network site. I found it extremely helpful for almost everything. The first thing I did when it went on was look up a (Wilma) Chan bill I wanted to track. Yesterday the gentleman who works for the county said that the site is 'the equivalent of the (Eden Information & Referral) blue book.' That is so great because there are so many agencies out there and no way to look them up unless you have the name." H. Moyes, Oakland, Calif.

"Thank you for providing such a wealth of information all in one place. Totally user-friendly!" Irene Ikeda, Fresno, Calif.

"Your website really is a great resource to the individuals and families looking for health-related information." J.M., Orlando, Fla.

"I think this will be a wonderful resource for our community." James A. Livingston of Carmichael, Calif. (member, San Juan Unified School District Board)

"Hello; just wanted to say how WONDERFUL your resource database is. Thanks again for making my job a little easier!" Jennifer Ferguson, LSW, Mantua, Ohio

"I accessed your site during research for a MSN class I am currently enrolled in. I am glad to see we have this support for this underprivileged group here in Stark County -- keep up the good work!" Jennifer Melegari, RN, Stark County, Ohio

"Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to us here in the field. Your support for the Network of Care Web site is absolutely outstanding." John Floe, Olivehurst, Calif.

"Outstanding Web site with good information and wonderful set of links!" John Hoover, Toledo, Ohio

"GREAT, informative Web page!!! Really shows a lot of thought and work went in to the design and implementation!" K. Elliott, Sacramento, Calif.

"I am a Family Support Specialist working with families with children (age) birth to age 3, and have run across many issues related to stepfamilies. It would be wonderful to see more articles related to this topic. Thanks so much for all your hard work. I am using your website almost daily in the work I do." Kim Stadtlander, Antioch, Calif.

"I was in attendance in Jefferson City for the launch of your web site Thursday, June 15th. I was extremely impressed with how vast the information was and how user friendly. When I arrived home I immediately got on the web site and began playing with it. It's fantastic! You all really did your homework! Thank you very much." Linda S. Thompson, Ray County (Mo.) Board of Services

"The website is very professional in appearance and pleasing to the eye. It is very understandable and allows easy access to the different features. You are able to navigate easily throughout the sites and the information provided is invaluable. I love the message board feature because this allows people to seek information on behalf of other family members that may not live with them. The message is relayed to the right county and a response is then emailed to the person asking the question. This is a great feature because it allows family members to still take care of each other AND it helps educate the local community when reading the responses. Each selection button provides an open window when you reach to select it. This window provides additional options for you and/or offers assistance to you. The entries under the Headings and Sub-Headings are very well organized and appropriate. There is a sufficient amount of entries for the launching. The community will, no doubt, enter more resources as they become acquainted with this service. In fact, we had special speakers today at our E&T Meeting and they were inquiring about the website and how they could get their service entered. News of its availability will spread fast and I'm sure will fill up even faster. Can you imagine the tremendous amount of assistance that this service will provide? Not only to the community at large but to anyone that conducts social services and referrals including us! I can only hope that computers will be made available on accessible sites so that members of the community that do not own computers will also have access to this invaluable information. As a member of this agency that provides resource information to the public on a consistent basis, this will be a true blessing in our daily work lives!" M. Vega, Los Banos, Calif.

"I am very impressed with the new Network of Care site. The new site is much more organized, easier to navigate, and it is much more appealing to the eye. The Social Network function is also very interesting and I am hopeful it will get utilized and allow peers to connect. Kudos!" M.S., Sutter County, Calif.

"Great Web site! The thoroughness is wonderful. Especially the legislative material. Good work!" Mary Flott, Contra Costa County, Calif.

"This looks great!!!" N. Vasquez of Area 4 Agency on Aging, Sacramento, Calif.

"Heard about the site on WOAI this morning. This looks like a wonderful service for the area - supplements United Way services." N.N., San Antonio, Texas

"Very important range of information and visually appealing. Easy to navigate through." Nancy Nash, Newport, Ore.

"I used your site today after calling the California Association for Adult Day Services and being referred. You have done a great job! It was user-friendly and comprehensive. I have nothing to offer as far as suggestions for improvement. I found everything I needed with no problems. Just ... thank you for the resource." Pat Calvo, Rancho Cordova, Calif.

"I think this will prove a great asset to Nebraskans, particularly persons coping with mental illness. Thanks!" Patsy Burnett, Broken Bow, Neb.

"I work for the MHS-B.E.S.T. (Mental Health Systems' Building Effective Solutions Together) Program and wanted to take a moment to let you know that I have gone through your website and I am thrilled with the huge amount of information that you have available. I will be able to refer my families to the website and they can 'select' the areas that they would like to further explore, instead of giving them a set 'referral.' I am impressed and as a wraparound case manager your site will make things easier for my clients and their families. Keep up the good work!" Paula Briggs, Oceanside, Calif.

"What a fabulous resource. … Again, THANK YOU!" Rebecca Johnson, Sacramento, Calif.

"I just wanted to let you know what a great job you do on the message board. I was just perusing it to see how it is used and if any Ohio folks were using it and I am very impressed." RMG, Columbus, Ohio

"Everybody loves the site and all it offers." Robin Murri, Fremont, Calif.

"I just wanted to say that as a guidance counselor, I have been using your page with information on dealing with death, grief and bereavement at my school. It's been helpful ... thank you for making it!" Sarah, Maryland

"The Network of Care Web site is a marvelous, comprehensive tool for families caring for members who have mental illness." Sheila-Rea York, Philadelphia

"What a wonderful site." Shepard Roylance, Washington County, Ore.

"Your website is very professional, and I certainly do appreciate the linkages to various other websites pertinent to issues addressing elderly and disabled individuals. A job well done. Thank you." Sister Anthony Marie Greving, Director, Area Agency on Aging, Pocatello, Idaho

"The Network of Care seems like a wonderful resource, and I will be telling our local providers about it and encouraging them to utilize it." Stephanie Ace, Crawford County, Pa.

"Just to let you know we moderate a families-only listserve serving over 600 families in Missouri affected by autism. In addition, we distribute our 200-page resource directory. Finally, we host monthly informational meetings and community outings for those affected by autism. We appreciate the opportunity to be included in the Network of Care listings. Your website and program are a VERY valuable resource for the citizens in our state!! Thank you for all that you are doing!" Tanya Bergantz, Ballwin, Mo.

"The Network of Care program is helping me help my daycare children in need of help with relationships and other challenges in their lives. Thank you for your help and willingness to listen and help my daycare family. I have also given the phone number to other families in need. I would like to see this program continue so that it can be there in the future when I might need it, or for other families as well." Vickie Allen, Placer County, Calif.

"This is a wonderful Web site! Go to Internet and type in Network of Care for Veterans & Service Members. Tons of resources for vets and their families. Add this Web site to your favorites - under resources. I was really impressed." Wanda F. Nalls, Director, Daly City (Calif.) Community Services Center